From the void of my emotions, I summon upon the most sinister of them all. And it will devour me, yes, and I will embody its malice for as long as I need it. Because mankind’s worst times are brought about by one thing – hate.

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Lying there in bed at 2am in the morning is slowly becoming a routine. Sleep becomes a task for you and you have to work hard to feel tired. What a strange situation, and the ceiling you’re looking at everyday becomes somewhat of a companion, a friend. You keep staring throughout the night, wishing something […]

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And if you see me as a disfigured thing A shadow, a monster, a freak You are right, I suppose But then again, look into the mirror We may not be far from each other after all

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I’m fine.

Oh. It’s you. How you doing? Fine? Bullshit. No one’s fine. We just say it, just cause. It’s a short word. Easy to say. And we don’t want to bother people. With our mundane problems. Yet you’re suffering. Emotionally. Maybe physically. Financially of course. But what truly matters. What really makes us “fine”. Is we […]

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A Cake

“..And I would definitely be the guy who thinks that it all boils down to a piece of cake.”

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So you’re sitting there, watching a movie while drinking a cheap wine you bought from a 24 hours convenience store. It tastes alright, but it doesn’t really bother you at all because you’re not really a wine person. It’s 10 pm and you’re really looking forward to falling asleep anytime soon. The movie sucks by […]

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