The moment we are born, we have since been destined to bump at each other at least once. Physically or mentally, I affected your life. I am 100% certain, in fact. You don’t believe me? The fact that you are reading this right now is the perfect proof. I am wandering in your brain right […]

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I was woken up by the sound of rain. It was a pleasant surprise because it’s been awhile. I trust that this is a symbolic turning point, a new hope. After the rain, the flowes will bloom and up comes the sun.

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Neon Japan

I was watching Lost in Translation last night while stuck in quarantine. It is one of my favorite movies and in fact, one of my go-to movie whenever I’m feeling sad or depressed or alone. It has that certain feel to it, a vibe that relates to me. I guess the thing that makes it […]

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Here I am, waiting in line for my turn inside the grocery. I’ve been here 7am in the morning, and the grocery is supposed to open by 8am, and the queue is already nuts. This has been my life for the last couple of weeks and I absolutely dread this experience. I mean, this is […]

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Earth =/= Humanity

Get well soon? As far as Im concern, the earth is healing because of human inactivity. No pollution, no draining of natural resources, no destruction. Earth can survive without us humans. But not the other way around. After the virus, back to normal ulit: People destroying earth. Let earth enjoy its vacation. For us humans, […]

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A moment. How endless the possibilities are with just a moment. Everything can just disappear, fizzle into nothingness with just a blink of an eye. And how scary it is to think that death looms in the corner of our life, waiting to pounce on us anytime it desires. I fear death. Its inevitability, its […]

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From the void of my emotions, I summon upon the most sinister of them all. And it will devour me, yes, and I will embody its malice for as long as I need it. Because mankind’s worst times are brought about by one thing – hate.

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Lying there in bed at 2am in the morning is slowly becoming a routine. Sleep becomes a task for you and you have to work hard to feel tired. What a strange situation, and the ceiling you’re looking at everyday becomes somewhat of a companion, a friend. You keep staring throughout the night, wishing something […]

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And if you see me as a disfigured thing A shadow, a monster, a freak You are right, I suppose But then again, look into the mirror We may not be far from each other after all

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I’m fine.

Oh. It’s you. How you doing? Fine? Bullshit. No one’s fine. We just say it, just cause. It’s a short word. Easy to say. And we don’t want to bother people. With our mundane problems. Yet you’re suffering. Emotionally. Maybe physically. Financially of course. But what truly matters. What really makes us “fine”. Is we […]

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